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Darwin – Bali Ferry Service to Launch?

The Timor Ferry?


Please note ednaxe’s comment below which has convinced me at least that there’s no truth to this.

Darwin may have a sea-link with Bali if the oddly-named “Timor Ferry” makes it from website to actuality. The single-page site claims two state of art catamarans – capable of carrying 750 passengers to ply the 950-odd nautical mile journey across the Indian Ocean – have already been acquired. The service will travel daily between ‘Cullen Bay Marina in Darwin and Bali Benoa Marina in South Bali’ with plans to launch the service ‘towards the end of 2008’. No word on whether it would accommodate vehicles.

This single website is only mention I can find of any planned service.

This seems a strange turn of events, even given that tourist numbers have been recovering recently (including tourists from Australia – despite the Australian government continuing travel warnings against travel to Indonesia, notwithstanding Indonesian protests).

I would be surprised if there was sufficient demand to justify a passenger ferry link or if such a link were competitive with direct flights from other Australian capitals (even if fares have become reasonably steep with only Jetstar ploughing the route as a budget carrier).

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You may have missed… (7th of April)

Apparently the operators of Melbourne’s gloriously public-transport inaccessible Tullarmaine Airport have been ACCC Gangstersgouging Johnny Public for parking, with almost $1 in every $5 earned by Tulla’s private operator comes from parking. The Herald Sun screeching this morning that ‘It costs more to park at Melbourne airport than at Heathrow in London or JFK in New York’. Now, even disregarding events of recent weeks, I have long believed that the less Tullamarine has in common with those two airports in particular, the better. The Federal Government is planning to send some burley ACCC officers through all five major domestic airports to do something about it for tea and cakes.

The Federal Government will ban the importing of high-powered lasers that have been used to try to blind pilots of passenger planes landing at Sydney Airport.”

Heathrow has been denied the opportunity to send the luggage of thousands more passengers halfway across Europe with 62 flights cancelled because of unseasonally cold weather. These could be the first passengers ever to be relieved their flights were cancelled. Ahh well, at least it distracted from the management’s on-going goof-ups which revealed a ‘software problem’ in the baggage system. ”We know what the problem is. We have a potential solution and we are having to carefully consider how and when we apply this to avoid further problems,’ said a spokeswoman cryptically (presumably with a roll of masking tape and a screwdriver in his hand).

“If we see the problems [at Heathrow’s T5] resolved in the coming weeks I think we’ll forget about it fairly quickly. But if it drags on for months and into the summer, then I think it’s going to become a much more challenging issue for him personally.” A bit like saying that if the Titantic had only kept a low profile everyone would have forgotten. Thus concludes a glowing profile of BA’s Chief Executive Bill Walsh in the International Herald Tribune

More and more aircraft makers are moving down Tijuana way, according to USA Today

The International Herald Tribune has a great story on Rome’s Appian Way

The Airline Blog muses on the reasons for Skybus’ collapse beyond it’s shocking orange livery.

NPR has a report from the on-going Stonehenge excavation.

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