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The Only News Fit To Print

AirAsiaThe West Australian’ website this afternoon managed to fit the news around the AirAsia adverts, just about. Every advertising space on the front page – no less than six of various sizes – was occupied by AirAsia. They could have done with the pretence and directed users to AirAsia’s site, with a column of headlines running along one side. On the other hand, anything that distracts from the car-crash that is Troy Buswell can’t be all bad.

Click image for the full-size catastrophe.

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AirAsia to Fly to Perth – Flights from $99

According to TravelWeekly AirAsia’s next Australian destination will be Perth, with weekly flights commencing November 2 and daily flights from March 2009. Intial fares from $99.

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Budget Airlines Pros and Cons

Eurocheapo has an excellent list of the pros and cons of budget airlines, well worth reading.

AirAsia to impose charge for checked baggage

AirAsia will impose a comparatively reasonable charge of between RM3 and RM5 for checked luggage (around Aus$1 to Aus$1.50) depending on whether credit for the baggage was purchased over the internet in advance or the fee was levied at check-in. This is, of course, only one of a growing multiplicity of fees the budget-conscious traveller needs to be aware of when travelling on low cost carriers – either in order to factor into the total cost or to avoid. Presumably, this also means that carry on limits will be enforced even more strictly on AirAsia in the future.

There is no mention of AirAsia X, although presumably this or a similar policy will apply.

The extra charge will apply to flights booked after the 21st of April.


The link which I omitted.

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