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Around the forums…


Ethics of visiting Karen in Thailand

Heated discussion as to whether it is ‘acceptable’ to share meals in Europe

Extensive trip report through Germany: From Mosel to Munich


Getting off the beaten path in India

Thorn Tree

Thai immigration has apparently become stricter about requiring proof of onward travel

How much to pay for beer in Thailand and various attractions thoughout South East Asia.

Is Nancy Chandler’s map of Bangkok decorative, useful or both

Interesting thread on the practice of outdoor funerals especially in Vietnam and Singapore

Does giving candy to children encourage begging?

Europe by campervan

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Melbourne – Singapore for $199 one way with Jetstar (inclusive of taxes)

On sale now until midnight (23:59 AEST) Sunday 06 April 2008, unless sold out prior. Sale may be extended. For travel on selected days and flights only. Flights via Darwin. (Via Buckscoop)

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You may have missed…

Tiger alleges it has suffered from anti-competitive behaviour. Ahh well, at least the airline plans on adding capacity to two of its most popular routes, Singapore-Perth and Singapore-Ho Chi Minh City.

Australia is to seek an open skies agreement with the EU ‘Peter Harbison, executive chairman of the Centre for Asia Pacific, believes an EU-Australian open skies could be a boon for Qantas’ Jetstar in opening up new low-fare routes‘ (Via Serious Sam).

A day after the Premier labled Perth aiport an ‘embarrassment’ Westralia Airports Corporation announced a $500m upgrade. The good people of Launceston will have to make-do with $20m.

Strong winds delayed flights out of Sydney.

Australia will ratify the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air (the Montreal Convention 1999).

The excellent EuroCheapo accomodation site has branched out into European airfares with Cheaposearch Flights.

The Independent has an excellent article about what actually happens to baggage after check-in and some hints about what to do if your luggage is lost. Even if you can’t be there to experience the thrills and spills of lost luggage now you can play the game! (Via TravelWeekly). A guide to Airport Transfers at Heathrow Airport may just be timely.

Speaking of luggage Gatwick has ‘finally overturned the one carry-on bag rule‘.

Financial Times has an interesting article on Jetstar in Japan and ‘ the difficulty of applying the no-frills model in Japan, a country in which fuller-than-full service is the norm’.

Beggars are to banned from Florence – if they do not remain standing.

Lonely Planet has released a new series of national park guides.

Visiting Stonehenge may soon become a good deal cheaper and well… more plastic… for Australians.

Youtoob footage of one of the world’s most dangerous airports.

You can never read too many packing tips, particularly if they happen to be good.

“We have saved Luang Prabang’s buildings, but we have lost its soul.” CNN on the effect of mass tourism in Laos.

New tourism rules at the Vatican Museums.

Independent Traveller surveys the best and worst toilets – the best I’ve experienced were at Raffles in Singapore – the Singapore Sling STILL wasn’t worth it – and suggests Budget Alternatives to Classic Destinations.

Bali is surely ripe for re-discovery by Australian travellers.

Finally, Frommers have released updates to their guidebooks for

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