Daily Archives: 6 April, 2008

A train runs through it

Train? What train?

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DIZZY! My head is spinning.

VRMagA quick follow-up on the cool panoramic images I posted the other day. Here are a couple more sites along the same lines.

has lots of topical panoramas (New Year 2008, Oscars 2008) and the incredibly cool New Seven Wonders,.

360 is also worth a look, but the most impressive site is VRMAG (pictured right) which combines panoramic photography with a more traditional travel guide.

This looks to be the place to begin making your own.

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20% of Australian domestic flights late or cancelled!

According to TavelToday (4th of April 2008) only 79.9% of Australian domestic flights in January departed late or were cancelled, a staggering 10% drop from the previous year. Best airline for on-time depatures: Rex. Best airline for on-time arrivals: MacAir.

Best routes: Canberra – Adelaide for departures, Adelaide – Perth for arrivals. Sydney airport was strangely absent from both lists.

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