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You may have missed…

An Australian historian has suggested limiting the number of tourists travelling to Gallipoli. I disagree with some of his comments but I do feel that we can’t have it both ways – if we are to allow unfettered access, and Australians wish to visit in increasing numbers, then infastructure improvements (which are considerate of the heritage of the area) are inevitable.

NPR report on the FAA’s systemic failures to ensue routine maintenance was undertaken and compliance with airworthiness directives. http://media.pbs.org/ramgen/newshour/expansion/2008/04/03/20080403_faa28.rm?altplay=20080403_faa28.rm

This report from MSNBC is also worth reading, as is Joe Sharkey’s article in the New York Times.

Via Get the Flick the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations estimate there is a shortage of 3,000 air traffic controllers worldwide.

Seth Stevenson over at Slate penned a fantastic series of articles about Disney World after spending five days passing a critical eye over the magic of the Mouse.

National Geographic’s Calvin Trillin on the passing of the rickshaw in Kolkata.

Boeing has flown the first plane powered by a hydrogen battery.

Learn some Aztec math.

The Lourve has cool new electronic guides available for €6 in seven languages.

China is seeking to enter into the commercial aviation aircraft manufacturing business.

T5 has cost BA ‘£16m in re-booked flights, baggage sorting costs, hotel bookings and lost revenues from air travellers who have chosen to fly with rival carriers because of the chaos at the new terminal’.

Charlie is Colombia’s newest tourist attraction.


Flights delayed at Sydney again today (topically given the article above) due to lack of air traffic controllers

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You spin me right round baby

360 Cities has gorgeouos immersive panoramic images of many cities mashed with google maps. Australia is sadly under-represented with only the Marshall Islands featured.


Via Metafilter


See also: Arouonder for more incredible images, particularly from Europe

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Upsetting, possibly. Cute, definitely! Monkeys riding teeny tiny motorbikes in Thailand

Via BoingBoing

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