Welcome to Qantas’ asylum (and where the bloody hell is my bar?)

In 2005 we were promised a new age of air travel. The A380 would revolutionise the flying experience, transforming it into something akin to the glorious age of great passenger liners, complete with all the amenities one could desire

A model of a bar area in an Airbus A380 shows how the plane’s “superjumbo” proportions may benefit some passengers. The plane’s main and upper levels will serve as passenger areas. The lower deck will be for freight—or additional passenger facilities such as sleeper cabins, child care, gymnasiums, casinos, or business centers, at the discretion of the airlines that purchase the planes.

Airbus - WITH BAR!

(National Geographic)

Well, readers, that bright new future is upon us! The Herald Sun has a gallery of images showcasing the fit-out of the new Qantas A380. Behold the beauty of the new economy class – unlike any travel experience before…

Qantas Airbus A380

I WANT MY BAR! Given the spike in fuel prices and competition from low cost carriers, at a pinch I’ll even settle for the gymnasium, casino and child care. But Nothing! Qantas: snot-green seats do not a great flying experience make. I can’t wait to spend twenty-four hours somewhere this dreary and soul-destroying. Steerage must have been worse…

Ah well, at least they’ve gone the extra mile for the patricians behind the curtins…



Wow! Seventies wood-grain meets beige. Singapore Airlines must be absolutely terrified.

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5 responses to “Welcome to Qantas’ asylum (and where the bloody hell is my bar?)

  1. Fucking idiot…

    Support your local airline and one of the last all australian companies…

    If you want to do a better job then why didn’t you apply to decorate it….

    Fail troll is fuking fail

  2. I love this thing. I can just imagine flying on it all the while looking at pictures of marcy diamond while I am in the air. that girl is hot and this plane is too!

  3. oh, in case u wanna see her too, myspace.com/ibehappy

  4. Bigger is not better

    Bleachhh! I agree. UUUUGLY. I’d rather fly in a small plane than be in the middle of one of those rows of seats for a long flight. Did anyone really think the airlines would do anything with all that space other than pack in as many passengers as they could? If you’re supposed to stay seated with your seatbelt fastened, why would they ever put in a bar/lounge?

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