Daily Archives: 7 May, 2008

$1 New Zealand Nakedness

Nakedbus is a New Zealand coach service that has learnt a thing or two from LCCs and US based Boltbus by selling at least one seat on every bus for $1. Unfortunately, they also appear to have learnt the excess luggage trick. I found a few fares at the advertised buck (Queenstown – Christchurch in July) but (unsurprisingly) never for two passengers travelling together. Travelzoo reckon they had success finding the fares on routes between

  • Napier to Taupo
  • Palmerston North to Wellington
  • Auckland to Rotorua

Regular fares, however, seemed to be in the same ballpark as competitor Intercity.

Unfortunately, Nakedbus might be, well, just a bit of a tease.

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