Daily Archives: 5 May, 2008

Vote ‘n Drive Thailand


The Bangkok Post is seeking nomiations for the ‘nine best destinations in Thailand‘ – ‘Thais consider the number 9 to be particularly lucky. So, in February of 2009, only the 9 candidates which receive the highest number of votes will make it onto the list of places that every traveller must visit before they can truthfully claim to have seen the very best of Thailand’. While the list might be a long way from completion, in the meantime registered users can access a slew of free road maps for short tours from all across Thailand.

Road map

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AirAsia Gold Coast – KL $199

Air Asia Sale

Stupidly overlooked this AirAsia sale the other day because I assumed it was inter-Asia only (!). I’m especially annoyed because it looks to be an excellent deal, especially as fares include taxes, surcharges and fees. Don’t know if there are any seats left (presuming there were many to begin with…). Runs until 7 of May. Let us know in comments if you snag a deal!

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