The Universal Packing List

SuitcasesLike a battered suitcase emerging from the darkness of Heatrow’s Terminal 5 the Universal Packing List seems to have returned from hell of 404. A long time favorite of mine, the site produces a customised packing based on criteria such as trip length, style, conditions, activities you intend to undertake, bag size and it its latest incarnation destination.

The script spits out some genarl before-you-go tips and a list of luaggage stuffing items based on your criteria. Specialising in useful (but space-taking and weight-adding) travel knick naks like nylon cord, a rubber door wedge for securing hostel/hotel doors (a good tip in itself) and even two-way radios the site (particularly if you choose the “I’m taking a sherpa” option) will leave you youinundated with potentially useful items you’re sure you cannot now travel without!

If you share my preference for travelling only with carry on luggage the ‘exteremly small’ size bag is a good list to start with, although it is still ripe for trimming (e.g. buying toiletries, clothes, especially t-shirts, on the road).

Got any great packing tips? Share ’em in the comments!

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[Image via Bryan Ledgard on Flickr]

One response to “The Universal Packing List

  1. Excellent product that is small enough for a single garment and a couple of shirts, or large enough for three or four suits.

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