Airfare search engine where price takes a backseat

InsideTrip - EaseWebjet, Zuji and other airfare search engines would do well to take a gander at InsideTrip. Any number of search engines promise to find the cheapest flight, but InsideTrip also ranks flights according to speed, comfort and ease. Boasting a wonderfully clean interface the site uses a number of mesures to award each flight option a ‘Trip Quality’ rating, including factors such as legroom, reliability, gate location, lost bag rank and on-time statistics, all which can be viewed at a click. On long haul flights or where airfares differ between airlines only by modest amounts this approach could be of real use for finding an ideal balance between a cheap fare and a comfortable flight.

Unfortunately this is still very much a US focused service (some factors, such the lost bag rank, are not available for international flights), the flights out of Australia were limited to the major airlines and prices were significantly more expensive than local search engines. Surprisingly, the site does a poor job of displaying which flights are code-shared, although I presume the Trip Quality data displayed refers to the airline actually operating the flight. Nonetheless, having some idea of the likely quality of a flight, beyond a price and the carrier’s brand, integrated into airfare search engines is an idea that deserves wider adoption.

Inside Trip

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2 responses to “Airfare search engine where price takes a backseat

  1. Looks cool. Have you tried Iit ranks flights on price, lenght of trip, number of stops etc. Lots of cool filters to help find the best flight for you. Give it a shot.

  2. Cheers for that link – I love it. I’m particularly surprised how well it functions for Aus domestic flights with both Jetstar and Virgin Blue listed, although I couldn’t find any listing of Tiger or Air Asia.

    Thanks heaps.

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