2 Hour Jetstar 4th Birthday Sale – 24,000 domestic seats for $4

Jetstar have sent a email to JetMail subscribers about a 4th birthday sale on ‘a range of domestic routes from VIC, NSW, QLD, SA and TAS on selected off-peak flights between 03 February and 28 March 2009’.

Sale fares are JetSaver Light fares meaning carry on baggage only – JetSaver fares with a check-in baggage allowance are $10 more.

The starts at 8:00pm (AEST) tonight 29 April 2008, and ends at 10:00pm, unless sold out prior.


Sale fares are on early and late flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and late flights on Saturdays.

Australian Domestic Routes Travel period JetSaver Light
fares in $AUD
03 Feb – 28 Mar 09
Brisbane Cairns $4
Brisbane Newcastle $4
Brisbane Rockhampton $4
Melbourne (Avalon) Adelaide $4
Melbourne (Avalon) Sydney $4
Melbourne (Tullamarine) Hobart $4
Melbourne (Tullamarine) Launceston $4
Melbourne (Tullamarine) Newcastle $4
Sydney Gold Coast $4

JetStar Sale

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6 responses to “2 Hour Jetstar 4th Birthday Sale – 24,000 domestic seats for $4

  1. Good luck getting a ticket. Server error, server error!

  2. Jetstar , fix your server s !!!

  3. That is cheating jetstar- This is false publicity

  4. Nice way to treat your loyal customers…you get to the booking page , select your flights and then get the server error timed out message! What a joke…shame on you JETSTAR!

  5. Server error..whats new…who are they trying to kid!

  6. I dare you to release figures on how many tickets you sold @$4.00 today. Can’t fix a computer server, imagine the state of your aeroplanes. God bless your passengers.

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