Free room and board in exchange for four or five hours work a day(?)

Arthur Frommer in his blog today asked whether anybody has any feedback on, a service which lists farms, hostels and the like, which are seeking ‘volunteer helpers to stay with them short-term in exchange for food and accommodation (board and lodging)’. Mostly focused on Europe and the Americas – very little in Asia.

“Premier” (e.g. useful) membership to costs a “nominal” 20 euros for 2 years (2 euros for 2 years sounds nominal to me…), but, I guess, IF it lives up to its promises it could be a wise investment..

It looks very much like a site on which your mileage may vary, but it may be of interest.

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86 responses to “Free room and board in exchange for four or five hours work a day(?)

  1. Hi! I am an avid traveler and have used HelpX in Ireland and the U.S. Currently my boyfriend and I are in New Mexico on a horse ranch. We get free room (private bedroom) and board, the use of a jeep, and leisure/adventure time for about 3 hours of work a day. On the weekends we run the diner that the ranch people own. They leave us in charge, with an apartment to stay in, and we get $8 an hour and free food, + tips. (We have been here a month and earned $2000 + in cash, just working on the weekends in the restaurant) and as we don’t have to pay for room and board, and we are in the middle of beautiful nowhere, and don’t like buying crap we don’t need anyway, we are set! Last year I paid the $35 dollars for the premier membership (which we both use) and it is worth it for the extra links and information! It also lasts for two years, so c’mon! I also use the profile for side-work employers, like we are going to San Francisco next and need a part-time job — I don’t have a resume, but I have my profile, which says more about me, and gets people a picture of me, references, and makes me stand out more than other applicants. Plus! HelpX has many links to hostel work, and it is more than worth it to get that kind of experience under your belt — free room and board + cool people, and usually hostel owners know other hostel owners and will hook you up. HelpX is mostly in the U.S. and Europe, but also New Zealand, Australia, Figi, the Falkland Islands, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Canada, etc. etc. etc. I have included our profile link on that site if you think I am lying. Check out the site, get the hell off your couch. Have a good one (wink!)

  2. Kelly harston

    I would to this i need ti find out more.

  3. i was wondering laura which ranch you stayed at and do they need more help next year. that sounds perfect

  4. Laura sounds like a perfect advert which is why you cant trust her. “So come on!” She obviously works for the site/organisation. She is even showing off her upgrade to ‘premier membership’, where have you heard that before? A profile link to prove your not lying? Pathetic Laura, pathetic.

    No job is ever like that. Look for jobs that are honest and tell you all the down sides.

  5. I am a single man and would like to do the same…

  6. Hello,

    My name is Victor & i’m 26 years old, I am seek information on how to sign up. I have no idea where to start …. Please reply


  7. chanel jenkins


  8. margaret knott

    i would like to work in exchange for food and boa r d

    • Hi,
      we are offering a free room and food in exchange with the cleaning around the house. Its a beautiful single family home in Virginia. We would like to get someone who wants a home to live into and wants to become a member of this family for a long time to come. If youre interested email me at ( .

      • i sue my name is nicole anguillara my b-day is april 22nd 1970 i am having financial difficulities right now my family well my mom doesnt realize what a gift god gave her me i just want to be wanted i am a beautiful person inside and out i just got done saving worms and snails from the rain gutters u sound like a lovely person hope to here from u soon love and light nicky

      • hi nicole i am offering free room and bored in return for a few hours of child care a wee

  9. Hi, I need a room and work right away ads I am seeking for anything in London available. please call me on 0208 104 5279 for immediate start for a position of work in selling or home cleaning.

    Thanks sharon.

  10. Hey their i am 18 year old female need any type of work or work for accom please email me asap thanks

  11. willing to work for room and board

    • Hi,
      we are offering a free room and food in exchange with the cleaning around the house. Its a beautiful single family home in Virginia. We would like to get someone who wants a home to live into and wants to become a member of this family for a long time to come. If youre interested email me at ( .

  12. Yes do u have any openings

    • Hi, we are offering a free room and food in exchange with the cleaning around the house. Its a beautiful single family home in Virginia. We would like to get someone who wants a home to live into and wants to become a member of this family. If youre interested email me at ( .

  13. I’m an active senior, experienced executive assistant, bookkeeper and good cook. Would like to use my experience for room and board.

    • Hi, we are offering a free room and food in exchange with the cleaning around the house. Its a beautiful single family home in Virginia. We would like to get someone who wants a home to live into and wants to become a member of this family. If youre interested email me at ( .

    • Hi. Barbara I have a position open and you can work for room & board.
      Where are you located?

  14. thomas e. fletcher

    i am a single man looking for regular work in the farming or home improvement sector. experienced in both . willing to relocate if job opening is available.

    • I am looking for a worker in exchange for room and board. I am in South Dakota USA. Work would include, garden tending, horse keeping, chicken keeping and general labor.

      • David Johnson

        I like plants and gardens very much. Along with horses and chickens and just doing something. I don’t have experience having a garden, but I like taking care of my ferns and house plants and my 2 pomegranate trees named Scarlet and Charity. I also transplanted all the flowers from the plant store holders to the big planters, and took out the old dirt and put in 6 inches of new top soil for the Shelter I work at. My employers say I’m good with plants and I should seek that field, but I tell them it’s God.

        I’ve only rode a horse once and haven’t taken care of them, but could I learn? I once had pet chicken named Red. It showed up on the front porch one day literally and it was like God told it to or something. There’s a story behind it. My roommate and I kept it dry and warm and fed and made a home for it with a light bulb.

        I’m interested in knowing more. I want to work somewhere similiar to what your saying. I like produce and the dirt. I’m in Evansville, IN and I didn’t renew my lease at my apt and want to move to a job. Currently I work in the kitchen prepping, some cooking, and do cleaning chores or various jobs.

        My e-mail is

      • Is this job still available? I grew up on a farm and love the clean lifestyle and excercise. I also love to garden and have done some amazing things with soaker hoses 🙂 Chickens are a snap and horses require a lot of attention but are definitely a labor of love. I would love this opportunity if the position hasn’t been filled yet. Let me know by e-mail and I will tell you more about myself. Thank you and god bless

  15. Hello we are looking for a single young lady who is travelling in Bc Canada who would like to help out in exchange for free room and board???? Also looking for sites to where this may help us in any way??? Thanks eh

  16. Hi’ my name is Steve Eltvedt I’m 26 and I came across this site if any body could send me some info that would be cool.

  17. Hi, I’am A 50 year old black male. my kids (6 and 12) live near St Louise Mo. I need to relocate to be near them. I presently live in Detroit. I have a few dollars saved, but not enough to pay full rent. I have a job lined up once i Get there. Willing to do part time work for room and broad; Grounds maintenance, Driver, Night Watchmen, I would need at lease a 60 day commitment. Please, only sincere need reply. Life, Love and Family is most important to me. (313)728-0465
    Thank You, most sincerely

  18. my email address is,

  19. Hello. We are a married couple with 2 small children ages 3 & 4. We are looking for a job that covers room & board in exchange for work from one of us so the other one can work either full or part time. We are willing to relocate & willing to learn. If interested please email
    Tobias & Helen

  20. Hello Teresa,
    Is this at a private residence? Where in South Dakota?

  21. I am looking for room and board job but it would have to include traveling expenses to get there. I have done a lot of outdoor adventure type work.

  22. I would like to exchange a room for work. I need a place to stay.
    313 978 5677

  23. Hola, me llamo Alex, vivo en Barcelona y me gustaria trabajar a cambio de alojamiento y comida. muchas gracias . 626014007

  24. any females in California looking for a job in exchange for taking care of an elderly woman if so email me at

  25. what i meant was is any females in California looking for a job in exchange for room taking care of my elderly great grandma if so email me asap at

  26. Katrina Renshaw

    MY name is Katrina Renshaw of 18 and i am currently residing in alaska, US. I would like to escape the summer somewhere warm or outside of US to work in exchange for free room and board. Very friendly and full of energy, if i sound like i can help you, you can reach me at

  27. Hello. My name is Amanda. I am 23 yrs old. I am looking for free room and board in exhange for house work such as cleaning, laundry, cooking, yard work, child care/ nanny, pet sitting, pet care such as exercising and bathing, car cleaning, and stuff like that. I just relly need a place to stay and soon and I am willing to do anything to help out on my part. Thank you. My e-mail is

  28. My name is Heather and I am 20 years old. I am looking for a free room + board in preferably the East Coast (PA, NY). I like to clean, organize, type, do basic admin work, I can do basic cooking + crafts. I would like to better my skills as well as learn new ones. I can be timid, but I know the only way to get over that is to just do it. I prefer an dog free house, just because I am not the most comfortable around dogs. I do like cats. I live in Texas but as stated would like the East Coast. Thanks. twistinthenightaway [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

  29. Dont sign up for overseas jobs like this before watching the movie “Taken”. its a big market.. One of the ways people like the ones in the movie lure you just happens to be through overseas employment scams. Someone I went to school with ended up escaping after being locked in a shed for 2 months when she went working abroad he had been controlling her mail and telling her what to write practically starved her and she was in the beautiful Vanuatu being supervised digging in a field like a slave for 14 hours a day and then sent to her 1m x 3m shed that wasnt high enough for her to stand up in. She was meant to be working 4 hours a day and have the rest of the day free.. She worked 14hrs and was locked in that shed with a padlock every other hour and had food (one meal a day) that you wouldnt be served in any western country state prison. You think these things wont happen to you. Noone knows its going to happen to them otherwise they’d be more careful rather than hoping for it to be legit and as good as it sounds.

  30. the movie’s worse than that though… those girls end up dead after they’ve finished with them if they even make it as far as to be viewed as worthless meat. WATCH THE MOVIE and get a reputable job its not worth the risk.

  31. Thank you for being smart, and REAL! We all want that perfect scenerio.. everybobdy does, but it doesn’t exist. We have to bust our humps for freedom. That’s just the way it is. And I am really sorry that happened to your friend. Bless her heart. I bet she learned alot from that experience huh! Wow. Take care fellow fighter.

  32. Just stumbled on this site during a search. I am not in Australia. I am in the US, Florida to be exact and looking for work in exchange for room and possible board. I have a website that explains some of our situation. Thanks, appreciate the time.

  33. hello my name is d.lee
    i am a pre op transsexual looking to move out west in search of a new life and new career looking for a quiet farm community to settle in will exchange domestic work in exchange for room till im back on my feet. feel free to email me at with details of room or if you have any questions about me

  34. WE are a single parent family of three LOOKING FOR a place that has to do with farming and or gardening
    we want to live in the country and have a place of our own someday
    we have no family that cares about us
    we are alone
    we are 45 24 and 16
    we are hoping for a place in Canada or the usa
    but would travel if the people cover the expenses to move

  35. we need help asap we are a couple 44 and 48 going throw heard time dont have anyone to help us we live with a friend but they cant have use here anymore cause they are on housing and can loss there house PLEASE HELP US WE ARE HARD WORKER THANK U MEL

  36. I’m 19 years old white male.
    I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    i can’t manage to get a good job here but i love to travel so i am looking for a new place new opportunities new start. I have landscaping, dish washing, gas station, jobs in the past. I’m a great kid with a big heart and just want to become something/someone in life.

    I’m also a identical twin so if you are looking for two hard workers let me know and i will talk to him about coming along.

    thank you
    god bless

  37. Me and my friend we r two ladies ,we are homeless no were to go , we r in marion n.c. my find is sick .we will do inside work an outside work any thing that needs to be done..we don’t do drugs or nothing like that we love our lord an savior jesus christ..if someone could find it in their heart to help us , god will bless u my email addr may god bless u. Always gods love. Joyce

  38. Looking for work in exchange for room and board. I’m not homeless or jobless, just bored and wanting to travel and meet new people. Experienced in chicken care, office work, gardening, and light light carpentry. Single female 27

    • We are looking for a helper for part time baby sit and light house keeping,in exchange for room and board. We live in a beatiful quiet area in SE Denver, CO.

  39. I am a 47 year old woman who is trying to help my mom and dad take care of my 95 year old grandmother.I am looking for a room to rent in exchange for housekeeping,light cooking,personal care and misc.chores.Im in Redding california.If you are interested e-mail me at

  40. sounds like what i have been looking for ,i am 53 and leave with my mother in her basement .please let me know if there is room for me ,i really need to get out of my moms basement. THANK YOU! ! !

  41. ive got a job for someone honest and willing to learnhotel busnis including makeing beds and resavations and lots more for freeroom and board by kings canyon national park replie to

  42. Ill work for food and room I know alot about constructtion im in deming but will move to place im needed

  43. I am Spanish. I am 32 years old, looking for accomodation for work in the UK. I speak spanish and English. Something related to laguages would be suitable for me.
    Contact me at

  44. It is interesting that a person who directly answers a question and LIKES a website, is criticized, as being a plant, why can’t a person write a positive review without being accused, the person criticizing her probably has never used the site whereas she may have so has NO basis to criticize her. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t., I wrote well thought out (and I know having seen other critical reviews which are immaturely and sophomorically written) review on Yelp and when I was wondering why they were difficult to find and filtered, one person criticized me and said that why should anyone trust you when you don’t write a lot of reviews.

  45. I think the people posting comments begging for work will get better results from that website where they probably have actual employers looking for workers on there, vs. here which ISN’T set up for that!

  46. look for for room and board in exchange room and board jack of all trades can do from a to z my names rob thompson email me or call 317-384-5804 im willing to travel thank you

  47. homeless in need of being a mantance man can do anything in exchange of free room and board please responed

  48. in need of free room and board can do most anything looking for some one for mantace or just look after a place email me at please help in homeless and in 50years old times are tough

  49. i am very much in need of this i know how to do just bout every thing that requires me to do and stay

  50. Greetings I am so glad I found your blog page, I really found you by accident, while I was browsing on Digg for something else,
    Regardless I am here now and would just like to say many thanks for a fantastic
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  51. We would like to speak with you. We own an Airport. Call me (334)588-3170

  52. My Name is Dawn I’m 35 yrs old have waitress, construction, clerical, Medical, and cleaning experience. I’m the mother of 2 whom I’m trying to move closer too. we lost our home of 32 years in Florida so they moved to Lancaster P.A I’m a spiritual woman with much to offer need housing in exchange for work so I can get on my feet and be back with my family. I am in the process of fighting for my disability. but there is nowhere for me here. Please consider me for a placement near or in Lancaster,PA 239-234-9098

  53. Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective.
    A lot of times it’s very hard to get that “perfect balance” between usability and appearance. I must say that you’ve done a very good job
    with this. Additionally, the blog loads super fast for
    me on Chrome. Excellent Blog!

  54. My name is Barbara and my fiancée Andrew and I, 20 and 26 years old, are looking for farm work in exchange for room and board in the US, west side. We are looking to live an alternative lifestyle and are very much wanting to volunteer or work in exchange for living accommodations. I am an aspiring Natural/Holistic Medical Practitioner and we are both wanting to live a modified Amish/Eco-Friendly basically low fuss lifestyle. Email Me at if anyone looking or knows someone who is. Thanks so much 🙂

  55. joe- gina mccoy

    me and my wife are looking for work .for room and board in tn. jefferson city. she’s 39 im 46. Email us at


    I am looking for exchange for room and board in miami< fort Laurdale, and vero beach florida.

  57. The only hurdle to accessing this is of course human limitations
    and the fact that the brain does not function solely as a
    learning tool for the human being. I believe
    my exact words were “I don’t want to be your dirty little secret. Theme Format: It is almost like standard format of the pub quiz.

  58. Hi, Me and my husband have been going through a hard time. In a town with no opportunity. Staying at son’s house temporally,can’t stay for long,he isn’t supposed to have anyone else in his home. Need work and room,husband is a excellent cook and i am great at cleaning,etc. Please if there is any places that would give us a chance to start new,we would love that.Thank you for reading.

  59. I like the valuable information you provide in your articles.
    I will bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly.
    I’m quite certain I’ll learn a lot of new stuff right here!
    Best of luck for the next!

  60. We are a family in Connecticut looking for someone to help us with chores and a little bit of babysitting on rare occasions. We will exchange this for free room/board/utilities/food. We live in a nice home in a nice town. We have two young children, boy and girl.

    Hi, we are offering a free room and board in exchange with cleaning the house 3 times a week, cook dinner and part time child care after school for 6 years old and 10 years old. We would like to get someone who wants a home to live into and wants to become a member of this family. I Prefer mature woman 40 to 50 years old with a lot energy. If you are interested email me at ( .

    Hi, we are offering a free room and board in exchange with cleaning the house 3 times a week, cook dinner and part time child care after school for 6 years old and 10 years old. We would like to get someone who wants a home to live into and wants to become a member of this family. I Prefer mature woman 40 to 50 years old with a lot energy. If you are interested email me at ( .

  63. 19 year old male, born and raised in arid parts of Sicily. Currently living in the US. I am willing to travel the world for room and board in exchange of work.

  64. Honest dependable diligent worker seeking free room and board in exchange for light duty. 420 friendly

  65. Room and board in exchange for housekeeping and cooking. We would like the person to become a member of our family. We live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. You will have your own furnished bedroom. We do not have any young children (only 1 in college:-)
    Please email for details.

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